Welcome to Living Rock Christian Church! Whether you’re looking for a warm church community or seeking a more meaningful spiritual experience, Living Rock open its doors to you.  Our desire is to make your visit with us a positive and enjoyable experience.

As you come in, our Ushers will greet you welcome, help you find a seat and provide you with a program for the service and our upcoming events.  Our worship service starts with congregational singing which is a mixture of contemporary and traditional Christian music accompanied by a live band.  It will be followed by special musical numbers or testimonies and the preaching of God’s word that is practical and expository. We also receive a free will offering from our church members.  As a Guest you are not obligated to give a donation.  You may give only if you choose to.  Through singing, preaching, prayer and fellowship, we intentionally focus on worshiping God and developing our faith- a faith founded on the love of God towards us.

If you have children, they are welcome join us in our worship singing and then we take them in their respective classes in the back.  We provide classes for infants, toddler and grade school children. If you decide to keep them with you in the sanctuary, we suggest to seat in the last row in order for an easy exit if needed and to minimize distractions. Our Ushers will be available to help and guide you in case you need assistance. 

We hope you will join us this Sunday to see for yourself what we are about.  Please browse our website for more information.