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Word of Grace

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for the Lord is with me."(Psalm 23)  This is one of the most encouraging yet misunderstood promises in the Word of God.  Every one of us would rather claim this promise to mean "God is going to deliver us FROM rather than THROUGH our trials. It is amazing how our perspective on things change the moment we shift our point of view from our own to God's.  You see to believe that God will rescue us from the trials and troubles of life, is to prove to ourselves that God is good. The fact is God does not have to prove anything to us. But God sees things far beyond the event of the moment. Take Job for example; knowing that the only way for Job's righteousness to be tested is to take Him through the most agonizing situations imaginable, God ultimately demonstrated the accuracy of His opinion of Job. When you and I suffer though this life for Christ' sake, we can be sure that God is trying to prove His Word through us. Don't be discourage at the suffering you maybe enduring today. He just wants you to see things from His standpoint. And as you know, God is never wrong about His opinion of you.

May you serve the Lord with endurance.

Pastor Israel

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